Available Kittens

We are so excited to introduce you our Scottish Fold kittens!  These beautiful and fun kittens are ready for their forever home.  Each of our kittens have been played with since the day they were born and socialized with people of all ages, other cats, and our two dogs.  If you would like to know more about a specific kitten or have a question, please go to the Contact Us tab, fill out the information and we will get back with you as soon as possible. 

Enjoy the cuteness!


Marilyn is named after Marilyn Monroe and her great beauty mark.  She is a deep calico, perked ear Scottish Fold kitten with great markings on her thick fur.  She is fun loving and enjoys a good pen light chase.  Marilyn's laid back attitude makes her a super easy cat to be around.  She isn't afraid to explore new places and loves our dogs.  Marilyn is 2 and a half years old, is spayed and caught up on her shots.  She would make a perfect house pet for any family!  



Semper "Semp" is our only girl is this little family.  She definitely plays the big sister role well.  She is a girly girl most of the time but if a jingle bell ball passes... that quickly changes.  Semp also loves to sleep beside you and looks adorable doing so.  This cutie pie has deeply folded ears, beautiful calico markings and round eyes that can get her whatever she wants.  Her adorable black nose rounds out a gorgeous face.  Semp was born on July 1st and is ready to go to her forever home whenever the right one comes along.



Gunney is one of the sweetest and laid back little boys that we have.  He is gentle and loves to lay on his back in your arms.  He likes to play with the other cats and kittens but thinks he's more human than cat.  Gunney's folded ears, unique markings, and sweet face makes you want to cuddle him more.  (The bright white whiskers against his black markings are the best!)  Gunney was born on July 1st and is ready to sleep in your arms forever.



Baskin is an absolutely beautiful young lady.  She was born on February 2nd and is ready to venture out to her forever home.  She as folded ears, long fluffy hair and really creative markings- like her dad.  She loves to play.  As soon as you pull out the pen light, Baskin is at your feet waiting.  She's a little shy at first but likes to cuddle with you for a movie. She's a simple kind of kitty.